29.11.2008: Jack Dalton Orchestra
Our good friends (as well as MacGyver's, of course) Jack Dalton Orchestra are releasing their debut album "Departures" today and since they printed the thing on ooh so nice'n'beautiful vinyl we at NSA reached out a helping hand by handling the digital release for the album. Head on over to their MySpace site and get in touch with the guys for a copy, you'll love it.

31.01.2008: Marcus Granfors
The latest signing to your dear Nature Sucks Anyway is the young fresh talent of Marcus Granfors whose singer-songwriter kinda album is hitting the market on February 20th. "Heartbeat" is a wonderful album and we're very proud to release this disc.

20.05.2007: Piss away
The Royal Piss is releasing their debut EP "Waterfront" right about now. It buzzes and squeals just how you like it, baby. Go get it!

02.12.2005: The Bullets out now!
The Bullets' brand new album "Black Plastic Jackets" is out now! Order yours from us immediately or beg your local record store to stock this future classic. The Bullets will play a gig tonight (supprting The Hellacopters) in Vaasa's Rewell Center in celebration of the release.

20.08.2005 Albums in the pipeline
Two of our bands have been shooting promo pics for their album sleeves which means that we'll finally have both The Bullets and The Conquistadors albums out in the not so very distant future. Also NSAR is considering signing a brand new heavy buzzing act from our very own Vaasa City, watch this space for announcements!

24.11.2004 New Signing
NSAR's latest signing is The Conquistadors! This mysterious, originally two-thirds South American band will release its debut album "Mil Mascaras" in the course of next few months. Those who have heard their demos are trying to compare the act to Ultravox, Zoot Woman, DJ Shadow and dark Phoenix but I'd say those don't even come close - you're in for a treat! Soundclips are on their way...

28.07.2004 Studioactivity
Here's what's gonna happen in the studio concerning NSA bands in August:

Leopard Wednesday - recording the final vocals for his debut EP.
The Bullets - back in the Haparanda studio for 6-8 more tracks to complete their album.
The Hills - recording at least the basic tracks for an upcoming EP.

11.06.2004 NSAR website opens
Nature Sucks Anyway finally makes its way onto the wide world of Internet. Naturesucksanyway.com was designed by the good ol' boys at Mokomaki. We are also happy to announce the freshest release from NSA which is the debut EP from The Bullets, so feel free to use our order form and get the disc!

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