Q: Why is there no NSAR-003 catalog number?
A: Because three's the magic number and we aren't qualified to handle such powers here at NSA.

Q: It's basically the same guys in every band in your roster?
A: Thank you God, Allah, Jehova almighty for blessing us with this talent.

Q: Should I submit a demo to NSA Records?
Probably not. But we'd sure like to hear it anyway, check the address on the top right of your browser window.

Q: I can't get the Graceskull video to work, what up wit dat?
A: You need a DivX codec to get the darn thing working, download and install one here if you're using a PC. Quicktime should probably do it on a Mac. For Linux...well, if you're using Linux we guess you can write a codec and compile it for yourself.