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Company info
Welcome to NSA, we are a teeny-weeny record company from Vaasa, Finland. Kissy-kiss.

CEO Andy J. Prinkkilä & CEO Ove Ritola
15.10.2013: Hills (of Vaasa) debut
Finally Hills (of Vaasa) is debuting some material! Two songs will be available as they release their first single (or whatever they're called in this age) this week. So watch this space!

28.02.2011: Free EP from Ove Ritola
Our own handsome CEO has made a somewhat instrumental EP "Sunday Morning" and of course we're releasing it. This time we're doing it digitally and free, that's how the kids like it these days we hear. Head on over to the download site and enjoy some soothing sounds from the back of Ove's mind.

27.10.2010 Kings & Queens Video
Graceskull finally has come back! The boys are hitting up with the first taster from their long awaited third album due next year, it's called "Kings & Queens" (not a 30 Seconds To Mars cover) and you can check the Kaurismäki-esque video by Mikko Tamminen here.

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Ask anything and we shall answer. An African or European swallow?

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Ove Ritola: Sunday Morning Ove Ritola: Sunday Morning
Download EP / 2011
Marcus Granfors: Heartbeat Marcus Granfors: Heartbeat
CD / 2008
The Royal Piss: Waterfront The Royal Piss: Waterfront
CDEP / 2006
The Bullets: Black Plastic Jackets The Bullets: Black Plastic Jackets
CD / 2005
The Bullets: S/T The Bullets : S/T
CDEP / 2004
Graceskull: Happiness Graceskull: Happiness
CD / 2002
Graceskull: First Time Again Graceskull: First Time Again
CD / 2001
Juss' Anutha Mokomaki Joint 2004